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During the past year, our healthcare workers – men and women on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic – have given so much to our community. Now, Harwell & Cook are excited to be able to give back. Through our Smile 4 Healthcare Workers initiative, we have selected our nine local healthcare worker finalists – one of whom will receive FREE BRACES! To learn more about our finalists, hover or tap over each name below and then cast your vote for your favorite healthcare worker!

Grabiela Ruiz Alvarez

Grabiela Ruiz Alvarez is a phlebotomist at Northwest Texas Hospital. She wants a new smile to get rid of overbite and gap in her teeth. When she takes pictures, she will not show her teeth. She says, “I feel like sometimes I’m not so confident on my look because of my chipped, gapped teeth.” This year she wants to focus on herself and being more confident.

Bryan Bailey

Bryan Bailey is a Biomed tech at Northwest Texas Hospital. He says, “A whole new smile would mean I could actually smile in photos. For over 30 years, I have not smiled widely or shown my true enjoyment due to my teeth. Of all my features, my teeth have always felt like they have held me back from many things in life.”

Andrea Parvin

Andrea Parvin is a licensed practiced nurse at Texas Tech University Health Science Center. She says, “A new smile would mean a new ol' me. I’m 50 years young.”

Austin McDonald

Austin McDonald is a certified surgical technologist at Northwest Texas Hospital. He says, “A new smile is a new way for people to see me and a more comfortable mouth.”

Maria Meza

Maria Meza is a nurse tech at Cardiology Centers of Amarillo. She says, “A new smile would mean the world to me because I have always been subconscious of my smile. Even if I smile in picture, I always dreamed of having beautiful straight teeth since I was a kid. I have never been able to afford them because my mother was a single mother just as I was single mother of four kids. I am married now, but still have a family to help support and therefore have put my smile on the back burner. I love to smile … so this opportunity sound like a possible dream come true.”

Leah Forrest

Leah Forrest has been a physical therapist assistant at Northwest Texas Hospital for almost 19 years. She was born with a very debilitating genetic deformity called Schmidts Type 2 Chondrodysplasia and was blessed with the opportunity to have corrective surgery at the Shriners' Hospital of Houston. According to Leah, “At that young age, I learned really quick there is always someone out there worse off than yourself. My eyes were opened to God’s plans for my life and directed me to the path of becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant.” Leah says if she were given a new smile, “it would mean no more ‘Michael Strayhands.’” She adds, ”I have always wanted to close the gap [in my teeth] but as a mom, my kids are my priority.

Edna “Liz” Hernandez

Edna “Liz” Hernandez is a registered nurse with 37 years of experience, primarily in oncology. She says throughout life, she has “learned the importance and power of smile. You can change the whole demeanor of a situation when you walk into a patient’s room with a bright, beautiful smile.” She further adds, “in my experience, patients may not remember your words, but they will remember how you made them feel.” Liz says she would like a new smile because she is ashamed of her teeth. She says with 6 kids their needs were always put above fixing her smile. According to Liz, “I hope to have my teeth fixed so I may return to helping patients through my smile.”

Batulla Abdullahi

Batulla Abdullahi is a nurse at Patriot Nursing. Batulla was born in a refugee camp and was brought to Amarillo with my family to escape war. She says, “I fell in love with the concept of helping and giving back to people when the UN rescued me and my family from the horrific events of the civil war that occurred in my home country.” She says she wants a new smile so she can smile big for the picture she takes when graduates for Amarillo College nursing program. She further adds that “the 9mm gap prevents her from smiling in pictures and crushes her self-esteem.”

Tamara Crooks

Tamara Crooks is a mother of 3, grandmother of 8, and a licensed registered nurse at Northwest Texas Hospital. Tamara says she would like a new smile because, “My teeth hurt sometimes because some are starting to overlap each other. My bite is off so many of my teeth are worn very unevenly.”

Which healthcare worker do YOU think should receive a smile makeover? Cast your vote now!