Harwell & Cook Orthodontics

Cone Beam Computed Tomography/3D Scanning and 3D Printing

At Harwell & Cook Orthodontics, it is important to us that every patient receives the safest and most accurate assessment of their orthodontic needs with cutting-edge orthodontic technology. When Dr. Anthony or Dr. Cook works with you to develop your personalized treatment plan, it’s with an eye toward optimal long-term results, so we need to have all the information possible about your oral health and anatomy to make sure your result is exemplary in every way. We can accomplish this with the latest low-radiation 3D imaging technology using Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT, via our iCat FLX 3D Imaging System. This technology ensures the most accurate and efficient treatment plans and the best fit for your custom appliances. We are the only orthodontic office in the Panhandle that offers this amazing technology.

Unlike traditional X-rays, CBCT technology allows us to obtain images that are three-dimensional, high-definition, and incredibly accurate for the creation of outstanding personalized treatment plans. This option also exposes our patients to the lowest level of radiation possible. With the best plan for your treatment, we can prevent unnecessary procedures and eliminate surprises during the course of your care with us. Furthermore, 3D imaging allows our team to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for a wide variety of treatments, from Invisalign® and braces to bite correction and airway analysis for the correction of sleep apnea.


The use of 3D imaging technology in our practice reveals much more information about your anatomy and condition than traditional X-rays. These specifics allow your orthodontist to anticipate challenges and avoid any surprises during treatment for a smooth and speedy journey through orthodontic care.

Benefits of 3D scanning include

  • Improved orthodontic treatment planning
  • Lower risk of surprises during treatment
  • Complete, detailed view of your dental and facial anatomy
  • Less radiation exposure compared to X-rays
  • An efficient and well-planned treatment


At Harwell & Cook Orthodontics we strive to provide the latest in cutting edge technology, so we are doing away with goopy impressions and moving to the digital world. In our office we will scan your mouth and teeth to get a digital record of your smile and bite. 3D imaging ensures that you/your child receives well-fitting appliances as well as accurate images for orthodontic treatments. Furthermore, the results of 3D scans are instant, which means information from our practice can be captured and sent digitally to our in-house laboratory on the same day. Our streamlined process allows our patients to get started quickly on their new smiles with custom appliances that fit just right

We also have a 3D printer in our in-house lab that we can use to fabricate clear aligners and retainers for our patients. With these aligners we can now create amazing quality results faster and more efficiently than ever before without ever having to have any impressions. Also, since everything is digital, a copy of your scan is saved in “the cloud” so that we can make copies of any appliance or retainer in the future.


With the advanced orthodontic technology and imaging, we use at Harwell & Cook Orthodontics, you can feel confident that you or your child will be receiving care that will exceed your expectations. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about the technologies we use for diagnosis and treatment, or if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our two trusted orthodontists at any of our five convenient locations.