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Orthodontics as a Sleep Apnea Treatment? It’s More Likely Than You Think

Sleep apnea is a condition that occurs when the upper airway collapses during sleep. Patients who suffer from sleep-disordered breathing commonly feel drowsy throughout the day and find it difficult to concentrate. Additionally, there are more severe medical problems associated with these conditions, including high blood pressure, heartbeat irregularities, and even strokes.

There are many proposed treatments for sleep-disordered breathing, and the severity of the condition guides the sleep specialist in management planning. Mild conditions may be treated with lifestyle changes such as weight loss. In some instances, orthodontia may be an effective alternative. At Harwell & Cook Orthodontics, our team is highly trained and experienced in the orthodontic treatment of sleep-disordered breathing. Most patients develop conditions such as this because of improper or unbalanced facial growth and development.

Advances in imaging technology and oral appliances not only allow us to correct some of these issues but also to map and track facial growth during critical periods of development and prevent further problems from arising. We are the only orthodontic office in the Texas Panhandle area to have an at-home sleep study kit that aids in the tracking and diagnosis of sleep apnea. Once diagnosed, we work with your dentist, oral surgeon, or sleep specialist to develop the optimal treatment plan. We appreciate the opportunity to care for you at Harwell & Cook Orthodontics.

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