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His experience with the team was absolutely wonderful.

My names William, and I am from Amarillo. I came to Harwell & Cook to get braces and Invisalign. When I first walked in to Harwell & Cook Orthodontics, I felt welcomed, I felt at ease, I didn’t feel nervous. They took wonderful care of me from the start. The doctors here are both incredibly professional and very understanding of my personal needs, and I feel like I can trust them because of their experience. My experience with the team here was absolutely wonderful, and they always treated me so kind. I always felt happy walking out of here. My overall experience at Harwell & Cook Orthodontics was awesome. I’m a lot more confident in my smile because I had a big gap in the front, and it’s really changed my overall attitude about things. I would highly recommend Harwell & Cook Orthodontics to anyone in Amarillo or Borger.

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