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INVISALIGN FOR adults At Harwell & Cook Orthodontics

Get Your Most Beautiful Smile Without the Hassle

Our Specialty

Dr. Harwell and Dr. Cook utilize efficient treatment methods and a three-step Invisalign process to give you the smile of your dreams.

Starts Working Immediately

We take a 3D impression of your smile using our Harwell & Cook Orthodontics 3D Smile Simulator.

Feels better

Dr. Harwell and Dr. Cook carefully curate a totally customized treatment plan based on your specific needs.

Live Your Life

Wear your aligners and start seeing your beautiful smile in no time!

Your Family is Our Passion!

Dr. Harwell and Dr. Cook believe that every single patient is part of our family! They will treat you and your loved ones with the utmost care and concern, while always considering your wishes!

Predictable Results
Backed by over 15,000 patients

Dr. Harwell and Dr. Cook are experts in their fields. When you come to Harwell & Cook Orthodontics, you will always get a 100% customized treatment plan. Our results speak for themselves based on over 15,000 happy patients!

The Latest Materials and Technology for Superior Comfort and Results.

Feel the difference from start to finish with SmartTrack

SmartTrack materials are exclusive to Invisalign, which means our Invisalign patients only receive the best. SmartTrack materials make for a more comfortable feel, and they allow for an easier time putting in and taking out your aligners.

more reasons for you to smile

The Difference Invisalign Makes for adults


No guesswork

Dr. Harwell and Dr. Cook will create a customized treatment plan for you and will be totally involved in every step of the way. No guesswork here!



Invisalign clear aligners are discreet and let you go about your everyday life. They’re easy to pop out to eat, make presentations, and brush your teeth!


The right fit for you

Due to Dr. Harwell and Dr. Cook’s 3D smile technology, your clear aligners will be the perfect fit for your smile!

Frequently Asked Questions
About Invisalign for Adults

Clear aligners such as Spark and Invisalign are discreet and virtually invisible. It is almost impossible for others to tell you are wearing them.
Invisalign is one of the most comfortable ways to straighten teeth. The clear aligner product is actually a millimeter thin, flexible fabric fitted to each tooth. You will barely be able to tell they are there!
Invisalign is the perfect treatment option for adults who have previously had braces. Having had orthodontic treatment in the past may even shorten your treatment time.
After eating, and at normal brush times, remove your aligners, brush and floss your teeth, and then gently brush your aligners and rinse them with warm water.
While the average treatment time is approximately 12 months, every treatment time is customized to the patient and will vary depending on your jaw, gums, and genetics.
Just like your treatment time, your treatment cost will depend on the severity of your case. Here at Harwell and Cook, we promise to explore every treatment option to develop a plan that fits your budget.
Absolutely not! There is no age limit for clear aligner treatment. As long as you have strong bones, your teeth can be moved into proper alignment no matter your current age.
The only thing you have to bring to your consultation is your smile! Be prepared to ask us any question you may have about your treatment and we will provide everything else.

Harwell & Cook Orthodontics 3D Smile Simulator

Our VIP Patients Deserve Only the Best Technology

Dr. Harwell and Dr. Cook can map out your current smile and show you what your smile will look like after treatment in just a few short minutes. This advanced technology also allows for a totally customizable treatment plan.

Advanced scanning

Takes 6,000 images per second.

No more goopy impressions

Say goodbye to those goopy impressions, and hello to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience!

See the difference

See the difference that our incredibly accurate technology makes in our amazing smiles.

See What The Right Treatment Can Do To Transform Your Smile

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