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Here at Harwell and Cook Orthodontics, we believe that we are a family, and families are supposed to care for each other. As our healthcare workers care for others every day of their lives, we wanted to do a little something special for them, which is why we decided to donate free braces to one lucky winner. It brings us such joy to announce that Bryan Bailey is the winner!

Congratulations to B. Ryan Bailey

B. Ryan Baily - Smiles 4 Healthcare Workers Winner - Harwell & Cook Orthodontics

Bryan Bailey is a Biomed Tech at Northwest Texas Hospital, and had a staggering 64,000 votes! If that isn’t a testament to the kind of person Bryan Bailey is, we don’t know what is! Here at Harwell and Cook Orthodontics, we truly believe that a smile can change someone’s entire life. Thank you to all who participated!

“A whole new smile would mean I could actually smile in photos. For over 30 years, I have not smiled widely or shown my true enjoyment due to my teeth. Of all my features, my teeth have always felt like they have held me back from many things in life.”