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From the Nozzle of the Goddess of Knowledge – Week 2: Velcro Dog

If you know me, you know there really is not anything I don’t love. I love toys, food, other furry friends, and all hoomans! The only thing I really don’t love is … being alone. My mom calls me a “Velcro dog.” I really don’t know if this is a gripe or a compliment, but keeping with my absolutely pawsitive outlook on life, I will call it a compliment. She must love the fact that I never leave her alone! So wherever she goes, I go!

This week I overheard my mom telling my dad about some projects at the office. I knew this was going to be a PAWTY week. I made a plan that when the keys start to move, I must move. But I knew I must be sneaky as it is important to never appear too pushy or too aggressive. So early Monday morning I found my secret location – the hallway right before the front door. I sprawled my body directly in the center of the floor and left my head to the side to hear any sudden movement. My mom was scurrying past me a hundred miles a minute. Each time she circled by me, I opened an eye to look at her. Does she have shoes on? Does she have her jacket on? For the longest time, the answer continued to be no and no. But, alas, she scurried by me one more time and, this time, YES and YES! So, I casually pulled myself up and walked in front of the door and looked her straight in the eyes. She looked down at me and stopped for a brief second.

Then she looked back up and said, “Okay, you can come. I think Danielle can see you today.” My plan worked! Yowsa! Yippee Ki-Yay! I told you I am “Athena -Goddess of knowledge” for a reason; I know how to make things happen.

Before my mom changed her mind, I jumped in the open car door. I took my seat in the car and casually looked out the window. (For all my canine friends, words of advice – Don’t cause too much disruption while in the car; it is best for your hooman to sometimes forget you are even there. Of course, when the car stops, don’t stay sleeping. You MUST let your hooman know that you want out.) It did not take long to arrive at the office. I knew exactly when we drove up to the brick building that we were at the absolutely best place in the world. Like always, I waited for my mom to gather her stuff, and then say, “Come on.” I jumped out of the car and walked to the sidewalk. I put my head down to smell the scent of all the amazing people who arrived before me. I walked straight past the Harwell & Cook sign and waited at the double doors for my mom. She opened them up, and I could not control my excitement. My tail could not hold it back any longer; it was wagging uncontrollably.

Who should I visit first? Should I say hi to David across the room who is the new COO of the office? Should I walk into the lab area and say hi to Beau or Alexis? Should I go to the financial area and say hi to KC? My head was spinning; I did not want to make the wrong decision. Then … the front door of Harwell & Cook opened and out skipped a young boy and his mom. They gave me a huge smile and I knew I had to say hi to them first. I was so happy; he gave the best belly rub. Once his mom said they had to go, I walked in the front door.

“Athena!” “Athena!” Everyone was so excited to see me. This is why I love the people at Harwell & Cook! They always make me feel welcome. After I walked to the front desk and greeted all the awesome people up there, Bailey said, “Athena, I got you checked in.”

“Checked in?” Yes! That is what my mom meant when she said Danielle could see me today. I was going to get smile evaluated! I have been wanting this for a long time. My teeth are chipping and my mom said it might be due to the way my top teeth hit my bottom teeth when I bite.

I normally don’t get to sit in the awesome waiting area, but today I am a patient! Yowsa! I took a seat in the massage chair and watched a little TV. This was the life!

I was only there about five minutes when Danielle walked out of her room, and happily announced, “Athena! We are ready for you!”

I was so excited! I flew off my chair and ran straight to her. She informed me that Dr. Cook would be seeing me today as my dad, Dr. Anthony, was in the Guymon office. But, they would still discuss my case together. It is one of the perks of being in an office with multiple doctors; they can discuss options for treatment with each other! I was so excited!

This was pawsitively the best day! Yowsa! Yippee Ki Yay!”


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